Monday, September 10, 2012

It's All in Black and White

I just listed these sweet salt and pepper shakers that my sister found at a thrift store.

They are made of glass and someone took the time to hand-paint them in black and white checks, with pale pink rosebuds here and there. What patience it must have taken!

Whenever I list I usually search the site for similar items to see what my competition is up to. Sometimes I am surprised  to find identical items to the one I am selling --we all want to offer what we think are unique things, right?

Here are some other black and white checks I found.

 How cute are these!?

 Oh wow!

Of course, these are not really competition, as they are accessories, right?

So, I checked out the kitchenware--pun intended -- specifically the s&p shakers.

Technically, not checks, checkered, or checked...


 But not that pattern I mentioned above.
Okay, one more I have to throw in, not because of the pattern, but because they made me chuckle :)

So, I guess there are no other shakers like the one I just listed. Hopefully someone will be looking for a set of black and white checked tableware accessories soon and will be tickled to find mine.

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WolvesAtTheDoor said...

You find the most amazing things!!! Hope you are really awesome :)