Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Astoria Higgins

I have a friend, V, who lives down the street from me. We became friends because of our connection to Etsy. I have had a vintage shop there for a few years and she was interested in starting a shop to sell her handsome creations. So we connected and now share information and gossip, which is so fun!

The name of her shop is a.a.higgins and it is where she sells vintage and embellished jackets, accessories, and artwork.

V. scours thrift shops, antique stores, and outdoor antique markets to find jackets from the 1940's-60's. They are luxuriously made from rich fabrics like cashmere, Irish tweed, and brocade. Then she deconstructs them slightly and adds more treasures that she has found along the way--buttons and brooches and occasionally collars.

She is quite meticulous with her work, taking great care with the sewing and stitching, as well as making sure the accessories coordinate with the coats. They are all one-of-a-kind and because of this, each individual jacket is only available in that size. 

The styles are unique also; some are fitted and others are looser. Some end at the waist and others fall below the waist. The colors range from mustard to rose, camel hair to purple and more.

She even uses a few military style jackets, including some for men. No pins on these, but she does add arm patches and different buttons.

The buttons used are antiques, of course , as are the stunning brooches.
There is no room here to show off all of these beautiful creations. I'll leave that to her shop!
She also sells silverware magnets and diary doors. Don't know what those are? Well, then you'll have stop by and see them!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Wildflower Lace

If you live pretty much anywhere in the US or even in parts of Australia and Europe right now, you have been seeing lots of Queen Anne's Lace--a tall wildflower with tiny lacy white flowers.
Some call it a weed, but I prefer wildflower, not only because of its beauty, but also because it is so beneficial for wildlife.

 Bees and butterflies love it.
There are many tales as to how it got its name, most revolving around the story of Queen Anne (imagine that!) of England, formerly Princess of Denmark. Wife of King James I, she was a lace-maker extraordinaire.

She used a technique known as tatting.

The story continues that she pricked her finger one day and a drop of blood spilled onto a piece of lace.The wildflowers are supposed to have a tiny red or purple flower in the center, though the ones around my house (see above photo) did not. 

Did you know that Queen Anne's Lace is a member of the wild carrot family? 

Please don't dig up the ones you see and try to eat the carrot root. 
They become woody when they are old and are similar to hemlock (ie, poisonous).

It is also reputed to be a contraceptive.

 So next time you drive down the road or take a walk around your 
neighborhood, look for these airy flowers and notice how delicate and lacy they are.

Monday, September 10, 2012

It's All in Black and White

I just listed these sweet salt and pepper shakers that my sister found at a thrift store.

They are made of glass and someone took the time to hand-paint them in black and white checks, with pale pink rosebuds here and there. What patience it must have taken!

Whenever I list I usually search the site for similar items to see what my competition is up to. Sometimes I am surprised  to find identical items to the one I am selling --we all want to offer what we think are unique things, right?

Here are some other black and white checks I found.

 How cute are these!?

 Oh wow!

Of course, these are not really competition, as they are accessories, right?

So, I checked out the kitchenware--pun intended -- specifically the s&p shakers.

Technically, not checks, checkered, or checked...


 But not that pattern I mentioned above.
Okay, one more I have to throw in, not because of the pattern, but because they made me chuckle :)

So, I guess there are no other shakers like the one I just listed. Hopefully someone will be looking for a set of black and white checked tableware accessories soon and will be tickled to find mine.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Celebrating the Workers

What comes to mind when you think about Labor Day?
I think of unions,

work-related achievements,

jobs (or the lack thereof)

and getting Monday off
 and, of course...
Wishing all a meaningful and relaxing Labor Day.