Monday, August 6, 2012

Tiendas y Un Collar (shops and a necklace)

I found this delightful necklace the other day at an antique mall and just had to get it. You'll see why in a minute...
There are no markings, but it is surely from a Central American country, or possibly Caribbean.

Time for your close-up, senorita!
Like a tropical paradise, it has parrots... well as bells, terra-cotta pots, and "coins" too!

Alright, back to the reason for the attraction.
I have a collection of Central American-style storefronts of various sorts and although this is a necklace, it is also a store of a kind, yes? (or should I say, si?) 
It all started with this little one, which was given to me as a child by a relative who went somewhere, I don't remember.
 I must confess it did not hold much interest for me at the time, but is precious to me now. Along the way, I acquired this old postcard that bears a remarkable resemblance to my little tienda.
So, I keep them together on the shelf.

These two are the largest pieces in the bunch. 
On the left is a fish store and on the right is a flower shop.
Like most of these, they are vintage, though not antiques.

Okay, guess what is in here...

A dear friend gave it to me years ago.

You may recognize this as a Day of the Dead market stall.
The skeleton has springs for arms and legs, so he jiggles! (and he sells meats!)

Now we are getting down to the smallest ones.
In the center is a senora at her craft stand, on the right is a Nativity scene, and on the left is one of my very favorites, a miniature of a woman kneeling by her wares for sale, with a lime dome that covers her! She belonged to my sister, for years. One day I remarked on how cute I thought it was and she was kind enough to give it to me.

Now do you understand why I had to have the necklace?

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WolvesAtTheDoor said...

Ah, how gorgeous, I just love miniature things like that, yes you had to have that necklace!!! Hope all is super duper in your creative world :)