Sunday, August 26, 2012

French General Freebie

Not long ago, I began following a blog by the name of The Warp and The Weft,  whose subtitle is Scraps About French General.  Now for those of you who are unfamiliar with this name, French General is a brand of delightful stickers, fabrics, paper packs, ribbons, books, and who-knows-what-else. It is also a shop in Los Angeles (and online) where all of this stuff is sold. I was familiar with some of their goods, because their stickers and a few other things are sold at Michael's. 

Upon my first visit to the blog, I read the current (at that time) post, entitled Some Sort of Wonderful Giveaway. Well, of course, that caught my eye! Everyone loves giveaways, don't they? I do, if there isn't a lot asked of me. All this required was a comment about one's summer crafting. Having recently dyed buttons, as you may recall from an earlier post here, I dutifully left my comment and crossed my fingers. 

Lo and behold, the next posting on their blog, entitled The Oprah Moment, stated that they were going to give their new paper crafting collection to everyone who commented on the prior post (it had to be done by a certain date). Yippee!! I sent in my address and a copy of my comment and waited for it to arrive in the mail.
It took a few weeks, but I received it the other day and was so excited to find lots of stuff!

They sent button stickers,

assorted tags and twine, ribbons (the little spool is a shank button!)
 and these little cuties-- tiny stickers and tiny buttons.

I have no idea how I will use these treats, so for now they will sit out, where I can look at them and hope inspiration strikes. I'm sure it will, sooner or later. 
 For now though, I urge you to visit their "Brocante Francaise" and check out their "Petite Bijoux."
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WolvesAtTheDoor said...

Whoo hoo! You lucky girl! Stunning packaging, and I'm sure they will transform into stunning creations :)

Maša said...

oooo, wonderful stuff, lucky you! :)

Laurie said...

Ooh, did my comment get lost? If so, here it is again: I am so envious! I love French General's stuff and took a class from the owner, once. Did you know they use antique button molds to make modern buttons for their stuff? Swoon!!