Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pinteresting Site

Lately, I've been reading more and more about Pinterest  , the online pinboard, where you can create "boards" with images and comments about most any subject (no pornography or other blatantly offensive material, of course). It is a digital scrapbook of sorts.


People have been writing about how much they enjoy it and how it is good for raising the views on their shops. One cannot just sign up, however, because it is by "invitation," only.  Perhaps because Pinterest is fairly new and they are possibly trying to create an allure. After all what a great way to spread the word. 


So I took the plunge and requested an invitation. It took about two days for them to get back to me. I was accepted! (don't think there is much in the way of criteria here). Here is the link to my page, if you are curious... autenavintage


For my first board, I decided to use buttons as my subject, due to my new-found interest in them. Diving into an Internet search for items beyond the ordinary, I found these and made my first, which I call:

  • Brilliant Buttons

    Photo of a pin Photo of a pin Photo of a pin 
    Photo of a pin Photo of a pin Photo of a pin 
    Photo of a pin Photo of a pin Photo of a pin
    Due to copyright issues, they must be credited, which the site does for you, along with a link to where they were found.

    I belong the the Ecochic team on ETSY, which consists of vintage jewelry sellers. So, to be a good participant and promoter, I pinned some pieces of garnet (my birthstone) jewelry from some of their shops:
  • January Jewels

    Photo of a pin Photo of a pin Photo of a pin 
    Photo of a pin Photo of a pin Photo of a pin
    As an avid reader, I've been lucking out in finding some extraordinary writers lately. Thought I'd share off some of my finds in the third board:

Explore These Books

 Photo of a pin Photo of a pin 
Photo of a pin 

They are all a work in progress, as they may be added to at any time.

It is a social networking website (what isn't these days?), so not long after you post items, you receive notices about others who like what you posted and/or who have re-pinned an item to their boards, as well as gaining new followers. However, they frown upon blatant self-promotion. I noticed that several shopowners have dedicated one board among their many to their shop.

Both Etsy and ArtFire have recognized the power of Pinterest and have placed "Pinit" buttons on their pages, so that the proprietor's items may be pinned on someone's board.

Some have said that it becomes addictive and I can understand now what they mean. I now leave it to you to explore this entertaining site.


WolvesAtTheDoor said...

Well done, a great first pinterest post, very interesting!

Maša said...

following! ^^