Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans in Brass and Gold

Sitting here all morning working on my button jewelry, trying to get ready for a Christmas show in December--racking my brain for a new post for this blog. Wanted to tie it in with Veteran's Day, which is today, 11/11/11 (gotta love that).

Suddenly, it occurred to me to show off my mini collection of military buttons

I am not a button collector, per se, but I do collect them for jewelry-making purposes. I especially love metal buttons, so combed through what I had.

These are the largest ones. Thought I'd show the backs also. This is an oldie, as are most of them, though don't know that age.

This is a bit of an oddball--the only one of its kind. think it's an eagle also, but certainly more stylized.

These are are the standard eagle and stars, but are stamped on the back.

The smallest of the lot, made of brass. Also stamped on the back and with the metal piece that attaches it to the coat (can't remember the name).

Last, but not least, are these.
 Not modern military, as we know it, but warriors just the same. The smaller ones depict women. How cool is that?

Just my little way of acknowledging all veterans, the world over.

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WolvesAtTheDoor said...

Oh, I LOVE these!!!! especially the roman warrior looking ones and yes, the female ones are very unusual - would be very interesting to find out their history. Hope you are really well.