Monday, January 17, 2011

Awarded Two Awards


PhotobucketWell, a big old thank you to Vagabond Carnival for these lovely awards! Nice to think others appreciate the hard work of maintaining a versatile and stylish blog.

And now, I must list seven things about myself you most likely do not know...

1. Just had a January birthday, which makes me a Capricorn
2. Have a passion for peanut butter
3. Crave quirky found objects
4. Feel most comfortable in a cluttered environment
5. Have "salt & pepper" hair (no dye for this gal)
6. Rarely watch TV
7. Hate revealing things about myself (makes this list truly difficult)

Other blogs worth viewing:

Have fun looking!

1 comment:

Vagabond Carnival said...

Here's to a fellow Capricornian!! Happy Birthday!!

You well deserve the awards, hon.

~M (the other one)