Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Year in Pictures...More or Less

Hooray!! I reached a milestone this week, with my hundredth sale in my Etsy shop, which has been in existence for four months. With 99 sales thus far, since Christmas I'd been hoping to reach 100 sales before 2011 rolled around. By golly, not only did I reach it, I surpassed it--the kind customer bought three items and brought me over my goal. Thanks to all my customers who supported my shop in this initial venture of mine in the retail world of vintage and collectibles.

Just to share a bit of my 2010 adventures...

I started off the year by getting married (yes, in the middle of winter). I wanted rustic pine cones and berries for my flowers ...
... and ended up with something a bit more sophisticated.

Went on a pseudo-honeymoon, really just a weekend getaway -- also in the middle of winter. We stayed in a woodsy cabin, as part of a country inn and guess what happened the first evening?

The electricity went out. No lights, no hot tub, no heat--except the fireplace.

I made the chocolate cake, hubby made the non-chocolate one.
Celebrated my mother's ninetieth birthday.
She is very proud of her age, as well she should be. She neither looks nor acts like a nonagenarian.

Took a trip to Italy in the summer. Fabulous, amazing country, but I don't advise going in August.
It was as hot as it is at home.

Began making jewelry with vintage buttons and charms to satisfy a creative urge that was growing increasingly insistent.

Quit my job in health care to join the world of retail, selling antiques, vintage and collectibles on Etsy, which has been such a blast --striking up new acquaintances and learning so much! Started this blog too--thanks to all of you followers kind enough to tag along with me.

And now here it is, the end of an eventful year. Yes there were some crises to deal with occasionally, but I won't dwell on them. This has been a memorable time and I'm grateful.
So let's have a toast to a very Happy New Year!


MadAboutParis said...

Hi Megan...such a super retrospective, congrats on your 100th sale, may you have many, many more!

Vagabond Carnival said...

Wow! Sounds like a great year! Thank you for sharing these with us. And I really like your flower arrangement. It turned out really lovely.

Also, just wanted to let you know you have been awarded The Stylish Blogger Award and The Versatile Blogger Award.

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