Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Walk Through the Neighborhood, or Turkey Day is A Comin'

I like to take walks around my neighborhood, not only for the exercise and endorphin benefits, but also because I have adorable neighbors. Visiting them just perks up my day. One day I decided to take a camera with me in hopes of spotting some of them and capturing their images for this blog. One advantage of these neighbors is that no permission is needed to photograph them and publish their pictures.
This gal had a baby this year. She must have felt the need for an easier hairstyle to manage.    


    This is her baby

These two get so excited when I pass by. It's the highlight of their day, I'm sure.

Nearly everyday, there are wild turkeys traipsing through my yard, feasting on the black sunflower seeds that drop from the bird feeders. Now that I want a picture of one or two, what happens? NONE are around.  Do you think the word got out about Thanksgiving being this week? Maybe they are in hiding, although I don't think they are that smart--how much brain could those tiny heads hold? Twice this year I have had to investigate a persistent knocking, only to find a turkey rapping its head against the window. Seems he saw his reflection and thought it was another bird. Um-hum. Oh well, they had their chance--no pictures of them, I guess.

You have to look closely to see this one wearing winter camouflage.


Is everyone fascinated by woodpeckers? 

Uh, oh better go move this one or he'll be in trouble...
    Here's a close-up for all you box turtle fans out there.

Okay this isn't really a neighbor...            

She lives in my backyard and has been one of my treasures forever.


Vagabond Carnival said...

Wow, I realized I'm a dork when I went "HORSIE!!" when I saw those photos. You're exceptionally lucky to have such lovely neighbors on your daily walk. You miss a lot in the city. Like trees. Trees would be one of those things. :)

L said...

Beautiful pics Megan! Glad you are surrounded by creatures like we are :) *hugs* L

aquariann said...

I enjoyed the glimpse at your walking route! What adorable neighborhood animals. ^.^