Monday, November 8, 2010

Solve the Mystery Contest

I was rummaging through a storage box the other day, looking for holiday items to put in my shop. I came across this cookie cutter and thought, "Santa! This will be perfect."  

But the more I looked at it, the more uncertain I became. I asked for other opinions and all agreed it wasn't Santa. Oh well, I put it in the shop anyhow, since the holidays are a time of baking.  But I'm still wondering what it is.

This is where the contest comes in... Here's how to enter:

Type your idea into the list below, in 35 words or less. This will also link to your blog or shop, so there will be a little free PR for you as well.  Creativity counts, but so does logic. One entry per blog or shop, please.

Winner will receive an item of their choosing from my Etsy shop, Autena, in the value of $10.00 or less, with free shipping too! I'll also give you a shout-out on the item description in the shop.

Contest ends on 11/15/2010.

What is This Mysterious Cutter?


Carapace said...

Actually, I think that IS a Santa. Bear with me.
The thing to realize is that this is Santa * carrying a bag, overfilled with toys *. You can see the edges of a train over one shoulder, what looks like it could be a jack-in-the-box-- it just requires a lot of work to bring it out!


littledeadmommy said...

I'm too late for the contest but I want to guess anyway. The first thing that popped in my head was a a guy opening up his coat exposing himself. Either that's one naughty old cookie cutter, or my mind is in the gutter.

Vagabond Carnival said...

Hi! Found you through aquariann's Autumn Blog Hop. It's too late for the contest, but the first thought in my head was Jacob Marley! He can be carrying his money box and you can paint in the chains. Best Christmas Cookies EVER!