Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Childhood Playthings

Recently I was able to peruse a copy of the newest Theriault's Doll Catalog. Theriault's ("The Dollmasters) specializes in the appraisal and auction of antique dolls and "childhood playthings." They have live auctions throughout the U.S. and it is a major deal for collectors.  Let me be clear that when I write deal, I mean 'thing,' not bargain. Not by any means. 

Take a look at this page from their online auction site:

Look at the last doll on the first page, namely this beauty
French Bisque Bebe, Series G, by Jules Steiner in Original Marquis Costume

The opening bid is $35,000!

 Personally I have a weakness for this sort of piece.
 French Originally-Furnished "Five O'Clock" Tea Room for the English Market 

                                  How fun would this have been to play with?                                                                                                                     

 All-Original Rare German Bisque Art-Character Doll Set by Kestner

If you love antique toys, dolls, or, yes, childhood playthings, 
check out their auctions here:

It really is fun to read about these delightful things, even if you don't have the toy weakness, and you can even watch the live auction in progress.
Here is their website link:

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NeverTooOld said...

Hello and Happy New Year my friend!! I hope you've made it through the holidays in fine fashion! Love your latest post on "Childhood Playthings" as I adore most any vintage toy and have a nice little collection of dolls as well. Gonna hop over to your links and have a peek now. Have a great weekend and thanks for the share!