Saturday, December 15, 2012

Old Toys and Dolls Are the Best

I had lunch a few days ago at the Taft Museum in Cincinnati, a beautiful art museum with a rich, interesting  history.  The food, I must say, was so-so, but afterwards we went upstairs to see the Antique Christmas exhibit, which includes antique ornaments. toys, and cards. 

As a lover of old dolls, toys, and miniatures, I was in my element browsing throughout the richly decorated rooms to see the various displays.

I found a lovely blog, written by a man who donated many toys to be displayed. 
It is called A Home for Dolly and it shows other photos of what was there. 

What a sweetheart!

This gives you an idea of how richly decorated the rooms are at the museum.

A tree decorated with paper fruit!

These dolls had the most wonderful, lifelike expressions on their faces.

A patriotic Christmas.

Another cutie...

A huge thank you to for posting these photos on their website. 

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Laurie said...

Oh that looks like fun!