Friday, November 16, 2012

Hiccup Cure?

Now this is funny, if I say so myself. I was working this morning on the computer and in the back of my head, trying, as usual, to come up with an idea for a blog post, as it was time for a new one. I began thinking of those little pieces of chocolates in my drawer (shhh, don't tell my hubby!), not as a topic--they were just calling to me

Suddenly I got a case of hiccups--how very annoying, don't you think?

I ignored them, hoping against hope that they would go away (haha). I gave in to temptation, opened the drawer and reached for a piece of chocolate. Stuck it in my mouth and typed away. Yes, I admit I also ate another piece.

About ten minutes later, I realized my hiccups were gone! How did that happen?, I wondered. Could it have been the chocolate? 

(I did not have anything near as yummy as these, by the way)

  So, off to Google chocolate as a  hiccup cure. Well, I found, oh, about a million results for this gem of a cure. How did I not hear of this before?

 Now the Mayo Clinic website offers medications for hiccup relief...

...and Web MD lists a teaspoon of sugar on the tongue as a potential cure.

But I think that the next time I get those pesky spasms, I am gonna eat some of my favorite food.

What would you do?

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