Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Hidden Gem

I had the good fortunate of traveling to France this summer and thought I'd share a cute spot I found, quite by accident. In a town named Blois, hidden away on a shortcut path en route to a larger road, I came across this little outdoor tearoom. I was quite taken by the mismatched tablecloths, chairs, and tables. 

I was only able to snap a few pictures, as I was with a group and could not linger, for fear of getting lost!  Blois is a medieval town, with wonderful stone buildings. The entrance to this restaurant was in such a building, directly behind the chairs in the first photo.

The name of the restaurant is Cak't,  a word of which I have been unable to find a translation. 

Upon returning home, I searched the name on the Internet (what else?) and found that it is a franchise, of all things.

Here is the link to the website (translated courtesy of Google translate):

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Frederique said...

"Cak't" is either a play on words with the word "cactee" (cactus)or a play on words with "cake" (we use that word in French too) and "the" (tea).
This place looks amazing! Never heard about this franchise before!