Friday, May 20, 2011

Victoria Day

The birthday of Queen Victoria is a federal holiday in Canada. Originally falling on May 24, which is her actual birthday, it is now celebrated every year on or before May 24. 

In honor of this holiday, I decided to pretend I was in Portobello Road, the famous antique market in London, and do some window shopping.on Etsy.

For those who know not of Queen Victoria, here is the nutshell version of her history...

Monarch of the United Kingdom from 1837 to 1901 (over 63+ years), inheriting the throne at the age of 18

Was fifth in line for the succession and, due to unusual circumstances, became the Queen.

Married her first cousin, Prince Albert and had nine children

Great, great grandmother of Queen Elizabeth II

 Great great great grandmother of Princes William and Harry

Here is a link to the amazing PORTOBELLO ROAD


BarbaraDoone said...

Kudos from Canada! What a lovely homage to our great Queen Victoria! Thanks so much Megan! BarbaraDoone xo

NeverTooOld said...

Enjoyed the read and a nice tribute to her majesty. Ah, Portobello Road what a trip that would be. Wonderful post!

tracy said...

great education. thanks. i'm from michigan and sadly, i know very little about canada. thanks!