Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Adding to the Family

Autena can now be found on ArtFire, in addition to my original shop on Etsy.  For those unfamiliar with the website, ArtFire is a selling venue for vintage and handmade; not as well known perhaps, but coming close on Etsy's heels, in many peoples' opinions.  Deciding that I had too much wonderful stuff to fill just one shop, and not wanting to keep all of my goodies in one basket, I have branched out, opening another shop in another spot.  
Outdoor Market in Buenos Aires
Now that I have two venues, I have a dilemma that I'm hoping all my dear readers can help to solve. My Twitter name at the moment is AutenaEtsy, because when I signed up, Autena was already spoken for. Now I feel the need to revise it, but I can't decide what to choose. This is where you come in. I'm offering a quick and easy poll to see what names resonates with the folks out there, or at least sound decent and somewhat appropriate.
 Same market, different shop.

To the left of this post you will see the little poll. Please take a few seconds and choose your favorite. That would be such a big help. I'll let you know what the winner is and hope you will follow, or continue to follow me on Twitter after the name is changed.

"Independence Fair"
"Regional and Urban Crafts"


NeverTooOld said...

Oh what it would be like to travel the world to various markets like these! Would be a dream come true! Thanks for sharing!

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