Thursday, March 3, 2011

Just A Little Green

Winter has gone on entirely too long, I feel. So it is with the greatest pleasure that I present to you some small signs of the coming Spring. 

I only had to go in my backyard to find these bright spots.

Wish I knew exactly what all of these little creatures are called.

These are my favorites, 
with no flowers,
just wonderful large leaves.

So if you are feeling the weight of winter's last dregs upon you, check out your own backyard for some signs of life springing forth.
 Thank you Joni Mitchell for providing the title to this post, one of my most favorite songs ever, Little Green .

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New End Studio said...

I'm stopping over from the Spring Blog Hop.

We have no flowers up yet and expecting snow and 30's temps for a week- but I know Spring is out there and on its way!

Your sewing cabinet is gorgeous, and here, I have too many buttons, and they are nice to look at just the same, little works of art.